Ministry Teams

Worship Team - Amy Allen

Bridges - Benjamin & Crickett Griffin, and Heather Bethea

Relentless - Stephen & Grace Arrington

New Level Discipleship Class  - Gino Mayo

Prayer Gathering - Bobby & Arlene Funderburke

Ladies Ministry -  SALT - Julie Melton

Men's Ministry - Will Melton

Nursery -  Khyrstal Whitfield



David & Becky Davis

Gino & Susie Mayo

Zack & Juanita Arnold

Rick & Dawn Prietz

Ron & Amy Allen


Gary Oliver

Garry Gochenaur

Ike Best

Will Melton

Ray Gibson

Allan Gibson

Dwight Dennis

Meet the Pastor

Our Vision


Why is this our vision? It’s simple, really – love isn’t working for most people. In fact, it’s worse than that; for many, what they think is love ends up hurting, not working. That’s a problem that demands a solution. Money can’t solve this dilemma; only Jesus can. It’s only through Jesus that love conquers all of our shortcomings. It’s only through Jesus that love works.


If someone had saved your life, would you keep quiet about it? No way! The first thing you do when you receive good news is share it. Ultimately, our goal is for you to experience so much good news that you can’t keep quiet. In fact, we believe there’s no greater joy than the lost being found. 


If God’s people are going to be known by love, then we must also be known by friendship. Nothing determines the quality and direction of your life more than godly friends. It’s our responsibility and privilege to encourage one another, stimulate one another to love and good deeds, restore one another in a spirit of gentleness, bear one another’s burdens, and live for one another’s joy in the faith. 


What’s the alternative? Living life off a silver platter? Of course not! It’s time for us to move from being consumers to contributors. When we serve according to our strengths, the church is built up, the mission is advanced, and we are fulfilled. 


Are you a giver or a taker? The determining factor is gratitude. When we understand that God is the giver of all things, how can we not want to give out of the fullness of that bounty? It’s only through the lens of gratitude that we love giving more than receiving.

Thank you for checking us out on the web.  I am glad you are here.  My name is Tyler Ford and I am the pastor here at Christian Center Church. God called me from the corporate world into full time ministry in 2004 and I am very glad He did.  I have a beautiful wife named Kristy and 2 boys, Zach and Jake.  We live here in Marianna and love the people in our community immensely.  I guess the one thing that I would want people to know about us is that we exist to prove that God's love works.  He is infinite in His majesty and power and so full of love and grace for everyone who calls out to His Son Jesus.  Why don't you come join us one Sunday and see what God's Love is all about. 

With God's Love,